University Design Procedures

USD attempts to maintain consistency of its Spanish Renaissance architectural statement in the exterior and interior public areas of its buildings.

A Curator/Director of University Design will be appointed by the president of the University to assist as staff advisor on matters pertaining to the architecture and design.

As the individual at USD who serves as staff advisor to the President for interior design, the Curator and Director of Design reports to the president for matters pertaining specifically to architecture and interior design. Upon reaching a design decision with the President and Vice President for Business Services & Administration, the Curator/Director will report directly to the Vice President for design implementation in cooperation with architects and construction personnel.

Areas of the university campus where the Curator/Designer will provide assistance are:

  • Instructional and instruction-related facilities
  • Student life facilities
  • Common public areas (halls, reception areas, restrooms, etc.)
  • Administrative public areas
  • Areas specifically designated by the President

When non-University design consultants are employed, proposals are obtained and presented jointly to the President, Vice President for Business Services & Administration, Vice President, Dean or principal user of the project area. The President selects the Interior Designer, and the Project Manager issues the contract for consultant services.

The Director of University Design coordinates (with an interior design consultant when appropriate) the development of an interior design concept and cost estimates. The Project Manager monitors the progress and coordinates interface with the architect and other parties affected by the interior design task.

Design definition procedure for construction, renovation or remodeling projects.


  • Prepares written request for design/estimating services, including rough sketches (functional schematics) and/or a narrative description in sufficient detail to conceptually define the desired result. Requestor includes special needs (utilities, drains, fume hoods, etc.), approximate equipment locations, construction constraints, schedule objectives and any other pertinent data.
  • Obtains approval of concept from the cognizant Dean (or administrative unit head) and Vice President, and, if necessary, the President.
  • Forwards approved conceptual documentation to the Director of Facilities Management.

Facilities Management

  • Director authorized preparation of preliminary drawings and cost estimates and assigns responsibility for project management.
  • Prepares preliminary drawings only, but in sufficient detail to determine project feasibility and to permit preparation of budgetary costs estimates.
  • Conducts a preliminary design review (PDR) of drawings and cost estimates. Approval of the preliminary drawing by those listed below is mandatory. Cognizant Vice President will identify funding sources in coordination with the Controller.
    • Requestor
    • Cognizant Dean or unit head
    • Cognizant Vice President
    • Vice President for Business Services & Administration
    • Director of University Design

PDR approval by the President may be required on certain projects, at her discretion.Expands approved preliminary drawings to detailed working drawings. Obtains contractor bids, etc., as necessary to prepare firm costs estimates. Prepares a work schedule and a work order for signature. Note: If at any time in the preparation of final documentation, changes are introduced which significantly modify the approved PDR data package, additional PDRs are to be scheduled and the changes approved prior to proceeding further with the development of final working drawings and cost estimates.

Conducts a final design review (FDR) of drawings, schedules and cost estimates. Approval of the final data package and the work order by those listed below is mandatory.

  • Requestor
  • Cognizant Dean or unit head
  • Cognizant Vice President
  • Vice President for Business Services & Administration
  • Director of University Design

Obtains work order account codes from the controller and commences work.

A final report on projects more than $10,000 will be prepared and copies forwarded to President, Vice President Business Services & Administration and cognizant project Vice President.

It is recognized that some construction, renovation or remodeling projects because of their lack of complexity or low dollar value will not require an extensive data package at either the PDR or FDR. Regardless of this however, the design review will be made, and the mandatory approvals obtained before commencing work.

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