Dining and Cafés

From the state-of-the-art cafeteria in the Student Life Pavilion to the newly opened La Gran Terraza restaurant, dining at the University of San Diego features a wide range of dishes for all types of palates.

Fruits and Vegetables

Opened in 2009, the Student Life Pavilion offers students multiple dining options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stop by in the morning and enjoy a tasty crepe or waffle. Come in for lunch and sample a sirloin steak or salmon breast. For dinner, feast on freshly rolled sushi, a mouth-watering enchilada or enjoy a brick oven-baked flatbread made to order.

Directly above the cafeteria is Tu Mercado, an award-winning organic market that features a full-scale grocery line replete with locally-grown fresh produce and Fair Trade products. Along with natural dried goods and the L'Atelier sandwich bar, Tu Mercado has all the essentials for preparing your own meals while living on campus.

For those with a taste for something exceptional, La Gran Terraza offers exquisite food in a luxurious atmosphere. Featuring The Grand Dining Room, O'Toole's lounge and The Terrace, an outdoor eatery, La Gran Terraza gives patrons a dish for every occasion. With La Gran Terraza's tasty appetizers and Californian Bistro Cuisine, USD offers an extraordinary dining experience right on campus.

Additionally, students and visitors to USD are never far away from a cup of coffee or a quick snack, as five cafés are located conveniently across campus.

"USD always has fun bands or concerts out on Plaza Mayor, which makes eating outside and enjoying the San Diego sun even better!" Lauren Wink '14

Dining Variety



From grab-and-go organic snacks to award-winning pavilion dining, students have a wide variety of options to fuel their active lifestyles.