This event occurred in the past


This event occurred in the past

Date and Time

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 — Friday, November 13, 2015


Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, Room D

5998 Alcala Park San Diego, CA 92110




Wednesday, November 11

Leading the Way to Peace

12 p.m. (65 min) - History is recorded from women’s perspectives in this inspiring documentary film, Leading the Way to Peace. The film featured IPJ Woman PeaceMakers from the conflict-affected countries of Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Guatemala, tracing their personal stories of peacemaking, courage and hope. The stories are those of four seemingly ordinary women (students, mothers, daughters, teachers, artists, business women) of different ages, different religions and different cultural backgrounds, who rise up and take daring, non-violent stands and action in times of war and post-conflict resolution.  In one-way or another, they are all working toward the same goals: peaceful communities, gender equality and human dignity ... so that we all benefit. Produced by Sun & Moon Vision Productions.


Trials of Spring 

5:30 p.m. (40 min) - Six short films capturing the stories of courageous women during the Arab Spring in Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen; Director/Producer Gini Reticker and Egyptian human rights activist Hend Nafea (the subject of the film about Egypt) attended to lead a post-screening discussion.

Thursday, November 12

Trials of Spring 

1 p.m. (90 min) - When a young Egyptian woman travels from her village to Cairo to add her voice to the tens of thousands of Egyptians demanding an end to 60 years of military rule, she is arrested, beaten, and tortured by security forces and later punished and imprisoned by her family for daring to speak out. Unbreakable, she sets out in a search for freedom and social justice in a country in the grips of a power struggle, where there is little tolerance for the likes of her. Buoyed by the other activists she meets along the way, Hend Nafea’s story mirrors the trajectory of the Arab Spring—from the ecstasy of newfound courage to the agony of shattered dreams. In the end, despite crushing setbacks, it is resilience that sustains the hope for reform even in the darkest hours of repression.


Trials of Spring launched as a special event on The New York Times homepage on Sunday, June 7, 2015: six shorts in six days culminating with the world premiere of the feature documentary at the 2015 Human Rights Watch Film Festival on Friday, June 12, 2015. The subject of the film, Egyptian human rights activist Hend Nafea, was in attendance with Director/Producer Gini Reticker for a post-screening discussion.
4 p.m. (24 min) - Rhythms to Peace chronicles the life of IPJ Woman PeaceMaker Susan Tenjoh-Okwen of Cameroon who is overcoming gender barriers, educating youth and uniting women in development activities in order to resolve a long-standing tribal chieftancy dispute. Produced by Sun & Moon Vision Productions.
4:30 p.m. (22 min) - An unflinching fusion of poetry, spoken word, soulful music and personal testimony that exposes the cruelty of armed conflict and showcases the undeniable heroism of IPJ Women PeaceMakers who are Reversing the Ripples of War. The film featured Women PeaceMakers Sister Pauline Acayo of Uganda, Mary Ann Arnado of the Philippines, Emmaculeta Chiseya of Zimbabwe and Thavory Huot of Cambodia. Produced by Sun & Moon Vision Productions.
Friday, November 13

For My Art

1 p.m. (20 min) - For My Art is a two-channel video installation which conjured the sensorial landscape of transition-era Burma/Myanmar through the figure of the performance artist. The camera follows five women performance artists as they venture into the streets, markets, and mega-malls of Yangon, transforming the quotidian into unexpected performance spaces. As ordinary people and objects are swept into their art, the boundaries between performance and everyday life begin to disappear. This 20-minute experimental documentary is helmed by Emily Hong, a Seoul-born and New York-raised feminist anthropologist, media maker, and trainer, currently pursuing a PhD at Cornell University. Her research, media projects, and activist engagements largely focus on Thailand and Burma, where she has spent half a decade working as a trainer with minority rights activists, and as a campaigner for Burma’s democracy movement-in-exile.


The Sari Soldiers

1:30 p.m. (90 min) - Filmed over three years during the most historic and pivotal time in Nepal's modern history, The Sari Soldiers is a suspenseful, dramatic story that follows the courageous journey of six women seeking justice and their efforts to shape Nepal's future in the midst of an escalating civil war against Maoist insurgents and the King's crackdown on civil liberties. The documentary intimately delves into the lives of extraordinary women on opposing sides of the conflict and captures the democratic revolution that reshapes the country's future.

Movimientos Espectaculares (Spectacular Movements)

4 p.m. (78 min) - This is the story of 10 Bolivian youth who journey deep into collective memory of a popular revolt, who explore and remake a rebellious urban mestizo identity, who creatively showcase their own political theater in a theater-truck tour and in experimental street performances.

When Ink Turns Into Light

5:30 p.m. (10 min) - While many expats living in the lavish Gulf emirate of Dubai gear up for Friday night shindigs at luxury bars, JZ Aamir, a Pakistani migrant, goes on a search for quiet corners of the city. JZ’s evening outings, combining classical Arabic calligraphy with light painting, result in rare surprises. Following their short narrative video, filmmakers Leila Shifteh and Harun Yasin Tuna shared their personal insights into JZ’s artistic craft and how it unwittingly created bridges with cultures that may not fully connect with the language or societies of the Arabic-speaking or Muslim world.


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