Cut to Form: Woodcut Printmaking

Event Start DateTuesday, March 22, 2011 – Friday, May 6, 2011
Fine Art Galleries, Institute for Peace & Justice
CostCost: free

Cut to Form: Idiosyncrasies of the Woodcut Printmaking Technique

An exhibition of woodcuts chosen for their variety in scale, subject, and means of execution. A medium of simplicity, not requiring electricity, a press, or fancy tools, woodcuts have been a direct way into the voice and expression of artists, it is safe to say, for at least 1500 years. Although not meant to represent a survey or all-encompassing view of what defines woodcuts, this exhibit affords the student/viewer an opportunity to reflect on the possibilities encompassed in their revaluation of what it means—in this age of instant print—to labor by hand over their own work and as artists to join their voices with those who came before them. Dovetailing with the superb exhibition Dreams and Diversions: 250 Years of Japanese Woodblock Prints from The San Diego Museum of Art, students at the University will have the opportunity to explore the physical and deeply felt meaning of this rich printing technique.

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