Michelle Lewica: 'The Religion of Thiness'

Event Start DateWednesday, February 23, 2011
University Center, Forums A-C
Event Start Time7:00 pm
CostCost: free

The Religion of Thinness is designed to wake us up — not only to our spiritual longings but also to the ways we have been brainwashed into believing that our bodies are flawed and our appetites sinful. Using examples from the world’s major religions, it examines the widespread cultural messages that contribute to the alienation so many women feel towards their bodies, and it urges criticism of these messages.

In an effort to deliver true redemption from one of society’s most oppressive commandments, “You can never be too thin,” Lelwica hopes her book will help stop the cycle of guilt and shame associated with food, and inspire the millions who are desperately trying to lose weight to discover the sacred longings behind this struggle and “practice peace” with their bodies — as they are.

ContactErin Lovette-Colyer | womenscenter@sandiego.edu | (619) 260-2396
Web Addresswww.religionofthinness.com