Massive Mathematical Sculpture: “Unfolding Humanity”

Massive Mathematical Sculpture: “Unfolding Humanity”

Massive Mathematical Sculpture: “Unfolding Humanity”

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  • Monday, December 31, 2018



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Massive Mathematical Sculpture: “Unfolding Humanity”

Math professors Satyan Devadoss and Diane Hoffoss (partnering with USD engineering professor Gordon Hoople and USD math alum Quinn Pratt) are spearheading the construction of a 10-foot tall mathematical sculpture, entitled “Unfolding Humanity”.  Its goal is to bring the public to the mathematical unknown through visual arts, engage USD and the San Diego community, to create serious art around serious mathematics.  They are looking for students involved in the design, engineering, and creation of the artwork.

The artwork alludes to Dürer's 500-year-old unsolved problem: can every convex polyhedron be cut along some of its edges so that it unfolds flat into one piece without overlap?  Our exhibit offers an example of such a positive answer, by allowing participants to unfold an enormous, meticulously engineered dodecahedron in a way that satisfies the unsolved problem.  The inside of the dodecahedron is lined with mirrored panels, which will showcase a possible shape of our universe.

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Three ways to be involved:
1. Join the team now (spring 2018) in the design and engineering of the project, with opportunities to begin building.
2. Join the team this summer 2018 for intense building of the artwork.
3. Join as a SURE scholar (with $4600 summer stipend) to explore the unsolved mathematics behind unfolding and topology of the universe.  Deadline next week February 23.

If interested, please contact Prof. Satyan Devadoss ( as soon as possible.

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