MAIR Research Conference on the Arab Spring

MAIR Research Conference on the Arab Spring

MAIR Research Conference on the Arab Spring

This event occurred in the past

Date and Time

  • Wednesday, April 27, 2011 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Institute for Peace & Justice, Room 253

5998 Alcala Park San Diego, CA 92110





A Mini-Conference
Featuring Presentations and Responses from Graduate Students
in the Master of Arts Program in International Relations
April 27, 2011
Session I: 5:30-6:50pm (Panels I and II)
Session II: 7-8:20pm (Panels III and IV)
Moderators: Dr. Avi Spiegel and Dr. Randy Willoughby

PANEL I: External Pressures? America and the Middle East in a Globalized World
Obama’s Arab Spring: How An American President (Finally) Revolutionized the Middle East
Presenter: Joel K Day
Respondent: Jeffrey Mankey

The Freedom Agenda: How the Policies of President George W. Bush Inspired the Arab Spring
Presenter: Chelsea Mullins
Respondent: Francisco Garza

“Globarabization”? Evaluating the Arab Spring Through the Globalization Lens
Presenter: Eser Cengel
Respondent: Austin

PANEL II: Emerging Forces From Within? Nonviolence and Democratic Change

The Power of Nonviolence
Presenter: Amanda C Benedict.
Respondent: Kelsey Comeau

The Arab Spring: Longing for Democracy?
Presenter: Wida Sudhiar
Respondent: Jeremiah

Social Networking; How Authoritarianism is Becoming “Obsolete”
Presenter: Danette Deremo
Respondent: Mackenzie Hickman

PANEL III: Grievances and Challenges Abound?

Unemployment and Demographic Transitions
The Fruit Seller: Muhammad Al Bouazizi
Presenter: Rawan Albenjabi
Respondent: Amanda

Idle Hands? Unemployment and Political Change in the Middle East
Presenter: John Carnegie
Respondent: Danette Deremo

The Middle Eastern Youth Bulge: Desperate for Change
Presenter: Chelsea Jensen
Respondent: Jeremiah

PANEL IV: The Promise of Reform?

 Economic Reform or Political Reform,Something's Gotta Give
Presenter: Francisco Cisco
Respondent: Danette Deremo

The Verdict is Still Out for the Arab Spring
Presenter: Jamie Lenio
Respondent: Amanda

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