MAIR Research Conference on the Arab Spring

MAIR Research Conference on the Arab Spring

MAIR Research Conference on the Arab Spring

This event occurred in the past

Date and Time

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Institute for Peace & Justice, Room 253

5998 Alcala Park San Diego, CA 92110





A Mini-Conference
Featuring Presentations and Responses from Graduate Students
in the Master of Arts Program in International Relations
April 27, 2011
Session I: 5:30-6:50pm (Panels I and II)
Session II: 7-8:20pm (Panels III and IV)
Moderators: Dr. Avi Spiegel and Dr. Randy Willoughby

PANEL I: External Pressures? America and the Middle East in a Globalized World
Obama’s Arab Spring: How An American President (Finally) Revolutionized the Middle East
Presenter: Joel K Day
Respondent: Jeffrey Mankey

The Freedom Agenda: How the Policies of President George W. Bush Inspired the Arab Spring
Presenter: Chelsea Mullins
Respondent: Francisco Garza

“Globarabization”? Evaluating the Arab Spring Through the Globalization Lens
Presenter: Eser Cengel
Respondent: Austin

PANEL II: Emerging Forces From Within? Nonviolence and Democratic Change

The Power of Nonviolence
Presenter: Amanda C Benedict.
Respondent: Kelsey Comeau

The Arab Spring: Longing for Democracy?
Presenter: Wida Sudhiar
Respondent: Jeremiah

Social Networking; How Authoritarianism is Becoming “Obsolete”
Presenter: Danette Deremo
Respondent: Mackenzie Hickman

PANEL III: Grievances and Challenges Abound?

Unemployment and Demographic Transitions
The Fruit Seller: Muhammad Al Bouazizi
Presenter: Rawan Albenjabi
Respondent: Amanda

Idle Hands? Unemployment and Political Change in the Middle East
Presenter: John Carnegie
Respondent: Danette Deremo

The Middle Eastern Youth Bulge: Desperate for Change
Presenter: Chelsea Jensen
Respondent: Jeremiah

PANEL IV: The Promise of Reform?

 Economic Reform or Political Reform,Something's Gotta Give
Presenter: Francisco Cisco
Respondent: Danette Deremo

The Verdict is Still Out for the Arab Spring
Presenter: Jamie Lenio
Respondent: Amanda

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