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EPIC draws on its expertise in law, policy, economics, and science, to provide rigorous independent research and analysis to decision makers, agencies, and the private sector in the challenging transformation towards a lower carbon society. With academic offerings of energy law and policy classes and clinics spanning local to international, EPIC brings together students, scholars and practitioners in a unique center within the school of law and serving the public interest.

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As a natural extension of our energy policy work, EPIC advises local, regional, and state government entities on climate-related policy and helps cities and regions develop climate action plans, including greenhouse gas inventories, emission reduction measures and policies, cost-benefit analysis and ordinance development. EPIC has deep knowledge of the complex system of energy and climate laws, regulations and policies enacted at the state level affecting all levels of economic activity.

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EPIC researches and analyses water-related energy use and water-related GHG emissions. As water is scarce in California, and most water must still be imported into the southern California regions, these studies help build knowledge and capacity to enhance the understanding of how energy, climate and water regulations and policies interact. EPIC cooperates with state agencies in their development of protocols and methods for this relatively new area of research.

leslie mcallister speaking at symposium

Lesley K. McAllister Symposium on Climate and Energy Law

November 9, 2018

Each year the University of San Diego School of Law hosts the Climate and Energy Law Symposium. Legal and policy experts from across the country attend the event, including practicing attorneys, policy makers, and academic experts.

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