Next Steps

Andrew Allen Named Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives

Andrew Allen, PhD, has agreed to serve as the new Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives. This new role will allow Dr. Allen to help the university develop an institution-wide, annual planning process that aligns all administrative and academic units with the strategic plan.  This process will lead to the integration of the strategic plan with other important institutional processes, specifically assessment of student learning outcomes, academic and administrative program review, and the linkage of planning and assessment to budgeting university-wide. These essential tasks will help USD realize its vision and meet the expectations of external bodies that are asking USD to demonstrate the quality we know exists in our academic, administrative and student life programs. The full scope of Dr. Allen’s new duties will be determined over the next semester as the university develops implementation strategies in alignment with the strategic plan.

President James T. Harris III, DEd
Aug. 31, 2016