Frequently Asked Questions: StrideTo2024@USD

1.) What areas are open for consideration for improving operational efficiency?

All administrative areas of the university are included in the scope of the project, including administrative units within the schools and athletics. Not in the scope of this review are instructional areas and athletic teams.

2.) Will this initiative impact staffing levels?

The university intends to reduce its administrative costs and reinvest them into the core academic mission. All resources including personnel are being reviewed. That said, no decisions have been made regarding staffing levels or assignments. Following the 3-month diagnostic phase, the Executive Council will review a portfolio of recommendations and engage in careful deliberation before selecting a path forward. Our intent is to be thoughtful about our values, university support needs, and a constructive path forward to achieve our stated goals.

3.) How will USD’s broader community be engaged in this process?

Members of the Steering Committee will be key partners throughout the StrideTo2024@USD initiative, and the President’s Cabinet and University Senate will be kept apprised of the progress. The entire campus community can also share ideas for operational efficiencies using the StrideTo2024@USD website. Huron Consulting will also engage members of our campus community during regularly scheduled meetings to gather input and ensure we are considering the distinct needs of the campus as recommendations are developed.

4.) Who is on the StrideTo2024@USD Steering Committee?

The representative committee is comprised of academic and administrative leaders from across campus who were carefully considered and approved by the Executive Council:

  • Andy Allen, VP, Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives (Co-Chair)
  • Terry Kalfayan, VP and Chief Financial Officer (Co-Chair)
  • Hugh Ellis, Professor, Biology; Chair, Faculty Senate
  • Mike Williams, Changemaker Hub; Assoc. Prof., Political Science / Int’l Relations
  • Esteban Del Rio, Assoc. Prov., Inclusion & Diversity, Assoc. Prof., Communication Studies
  • Nick Ladany, Dean, School of Leadership and Education Sciences
  • Andre Mallie, Assistant VP, Auxiliary Services
  • Melissa Plaskonos, Assistant Vice President Facilities Management
  • Chris Wessells, Chief Information Officer
  • Karen Briggs, Assistant VP and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Michael Lovette-Colyer, Assistant VP, University Ministry
  • Jackie Morganson, Assistant to AVP for Public Safety
  • Steve Pultz, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management

5.) What is the timeline for StrideTo2024@USD?

We will be engaging in several months of careful, deliberate, data-driven analysis and extensive stakeholder engagement before we make strategic decisions. We are committed to transparency and quality improvement, and we welcome your feedback as we advance through this initiative.

6.) If we recently restructured our department, will we have to change again as part of this initiative?

Potentially, yes. Our objective is to identify organizational efficiencies that will allow us to reinvest in key strategic priorities.  We need to perform the essential functions of the administration more efficiently for our students, to keep administrative cost down and to make greater investments in their education. To the extent that universal campus changes may support that effort, all units will be required to participate.