The StrideTo2024@USD initiative aims to improve structural and operational effectiveness, which will enable USD to take bold strides forward to enrich the overall student experience.


Our strategic plan, Envisioning 2024, boldly calls us to, “set the standard for an engaged, contemporary Catholic university.” One of the goals of our plan is to improve structural and operational effectiveness. We believe that by doing so, we can enrich the experiences of our students, faculty and staff and ensure that we are using our resources in the most effective manner to achieve our vision. 

To help us identify areas where we can more effectively use our resources, USD engaged the Huron Consulting Group. Huron has played an instrumental role in developing two major university projects: the Envisioning 2024 strategic plan and our institutional Student Success Report. 

As part of their initial review, the Huron team collected data and met with campus constituents to better understand our culture, policies and processes. A report on these findings was prepared and presented to the Executive Counil in the summer of 2018. With advisory support from the Strideto2024@USD committee, the Executive Council determined initial opportunities to implement as campus-wide operational initiatives.

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StrideTo2024@USD Committee Members

  • Andy Allen, VP, Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives (Co-Chair)
  • Terry Kalfayan, VP and Chief Financial Officer (Co-Chair)
  • Hugh Ellis, Professor, Biology; Chair, Faculty Senate
  • Mike Williams, Dir., Changemaker Hub; Assoc. Prof., Political Science / Int’l Relations
  • Esteban Del Rio, Assoc. Prov., Inclusion & Diversity; Assoc. Prof., Communication Studies 
  • Nick Ladany, Dean, SOLES
  • Andre Mallie, Assistant VP, Auxiliary Services
  • Melissa Plaskonos, Assistant Vice President Facilities Management
  • Chris Wessells, Chief Information Officer
  • Karen Briggs, Assistant VP and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Michael Lovette-Colyer, Assistant VP for University Ministry
  • Jackie Morganson, Assistant to AVP for Public Safety
  • Steve Pultz, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment


  • James T. Harris III, President
  • Peter Marlow, Associate Vice President, University Communications


  • Janet Courtney Smith, Assistant Vice President, Budget and Treasury, Finance Office
  • Katy Roig, Associate Vice President and Controller, Finance Office
  • Mary Anne Kremicki, Budget Director, Finance Office