By 2024, USD will set the standard for an engaged, contemporary Catholic university by focusing on our six interconnected Pathways and delivering on the promise of our university by achieving the following goals:

Goal 1: Enhancing Student Learning & Success

Strategically impact student learning and success through a community that fosters engagement, life-long learning, and a deep sense of belonging and empowers them as alumni to lead purposeful lives.

Goal 2: Elevating Faculty & Staff Engagement

Attract, retain and develop faculty who are high-impact teachers and engaged scholars, and foster a campus environment that embraces all employees as collaborators in the educational enterprise.

Goal 3: Strengthening Diversity, Inclusion, & Social Justice

Justly represent the breadth and beauty of God’s creation in our own community and transform the campus culture to ensure that all community members thrive.

Goal 4: Improving Structural & Operational Effectiveness

Model best practices in institutional sustainability and effectiveness that embodies Pope Francis’ vision for the Care for Our Common Home and embraces USD’s Culture of Care.

Goal 5: Amplifying Local & Global Engagement and Reputation

Further develop a local and global reputation as a university that facilitates democratic partnerships and builds solidarity to foster greater inclusion, prosperity, and social justice.

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