Study Abroad

Upcoming International Study Opportunities

Join your peers on an unforgettable study abroad experience organized by faculty members or student groups. These experiences are just for engineering students and each one is a unique opportunity that is not offered on a regular basis.

Freshman Engineering Students: Intersession (January 2018), London, United Kingdom

Dr. Ernie Kim, Professor of Electrical Engineering has arranged an offering of ENGR 121, Engineering Programming for Intersession 2018 in London, England.  This is a required course for all Engineering majors.  The course is open to all levels of Engineering majors, and is part of the freshman engineering sequence of required courses. Contact Dr. Ernie Kim for more information.

Electrical Engineering Students: Intersession (January 2018), London, United Kingdom

Dr. Thomas Schubert, Professor of Electrical Engineering, has arranged an offering of ELEC 350, Signals and Systems, for Intersession 2018 in London, United Kindgdom. This is a core electrical engineering (EE) course that builds the foundations for three senior EE courses: Communication Systems and Circuits, Applied Electromagnetics, and Control Systems. Note: Taking this course over intersession allows students to take ELEC 460 in the Junior year (rather than spring of the senior year). Contact Dr. Thomas Schubert for more information.

COMP/ELEC/MENG/ISYE Students: Summer 2018, Beijing & Shanghai, China

Dr. Eric Jiang, Professor of Electrical Engineering, will be teaching COMP 494 Data Mining in Summer of 2018 in Beijing & Shanghai, China.  This course satisfies a 3-unit upper division elective for four undergraduate majors offered by the School of Engineering, namely, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering. Contact Dr. Jiang for more information.

Mechanical Engineering Students: Summer 2018, London, United Kingdom

Dr. Frank Jacobitz, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has arranged an offering of MENG 260 Thermal Sciences for Summer 2018 in London, United Kindgdom. This course fulfills a core engineering requirement usually taken by sophomores in all 3 engineering majors. Students who will be sophomores in 2017-18 or those who will have completed their standard freshman year in engineering (including PHYS 270 and MATH 151) by Summer 2018 are a good fit for this course. Contact Dr. Jacobitz for more information. 

Where Can You Study Abroad?

The Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering periodically partners with programs at these institutions:

  • Australia
    • Queensland University of Technology
    • University of Technology-Sydney
  • England
    • Queen Mary University-London
  • New Zealand
    • University of Otago
    • Auckland University of Technology
  • Scotland
    • University of Edinburgh
    • University of Glasgow

Plan Your Experience

If you want to study abroad, start planning early! Your travel and study arrangements will need to happen long before you leave.

First, contact the USD International Center. This office has a complete, up-to-date list of available study abroad opportunities and arranges all study abroad experiences. Notify the USD International Center office of your intent to study abroad and they will work with you to arrange your trip.

If you want to study abroad for a full semester, consider going the second semester of your sophomore year, as some study abroad programs fulfill engineering requirements which are typically met during that semester. Talk with your advisor and with the USD International Center to determine the best time for you to go.

Fast Facts: Study Abroad for Engineering Students

  • The most popular international study choice by USD engineering students is the University of Technology, Sydney (Australia).
  • Overall, engineering students most often pursued study abroad experiences in the following countries (in order of popularity): Australia, England, Mexico, Spain and France.
  • About 40% of recent engineering graduates participated in at least one study abroad experience.
  • Over 50% of engineering student study abroad experiences are completed in Intersession, including USD’s Second Year Experience Abroad Program.
  • Although engineering students can participate in almost any study abroad experience offered through USD, they typically choose Intersession and summer study abroad programs because these programs seamlessly integrate into fulfillment of degree requirements.