Senior Projects

In the fall and spring each year, USD's Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering students present their capstone projects -- or senior projects -- to students, faculty, and the community. These presentations are open to the public. Please check the Engineering Events calendar.

Fall Expo: Electrical and Mechanical Engineering seniors present a preliminary 2-dimensional mid-project update in poster format on the progress of their capstone project.

Spring Showcase: Computer Science seniors and Electrical, Mechanical, and Industrial and Systems Engineering seniors present their final projects in 3-dimensional format.

Spring 2017 Projects

Computer Science

Dawncrest Procedural Gaming - To develop a prototype for a fully-immersive role-playing game, designed using the Unity game engine.
Ebisu: An Innovative User-Input Solution - To create a Machine Learning Algorithm that aims to recognize and categorize wearable device data, such as accelerometer data, into gestures.
New Product Automation - This project addresses the issue of busy time for Retail Search Managers creating new product groups in Google AdWords by automating product group creation for new products.
Project Pulse - To develop a program that implements proprietary machine learning algorithms to detect and respond to events from unconventionally sourced streaming social data.
Pseudoku: Automatic Generation of Vertices - This project is a research tool to generate Pseudokus, similar to matrices of the well-known puzzle game Sudoku, so as to study their properties.
Spread Em! - To develop an iPhone Application to Analyze NBA Point Spreads.
- To use computer models to simulate and test hypotheses of superdegeneracy.
Study Buddies - To create a multipurpose platform in order to facilitate academic growth through one on one tutoring.
UniMarket - To create a university specific e-marketplace for students to buy and sell various goods and services, such as books and tutoring. 

Electrical Engineering 

Heads-Up Display - To provide an affordable interface and display that can take key vehicle information, such as speed, rpm, and fuel level, and places it on a transparent display in front of the windshield in the driver’s field of vision.
Nano-Grid System (SDG&E) - To design and construct an independent renewable energy (Photo Voltaic) generating system, an energy storage system and an energy management control system for a load which simulates a home or a commercial building.
Smart Pool -
Wireless Pool Monitoring System - The Smart Pool Monitoring System is a battery powered device that floats in a pool which will accurately and automatically measure both pH and chlorine levels.
SwimLite (Associated Students) - To design a performance-enhancing training system for swimmers that will provide real time visual feedback to inform swimmers where they need to be in the pool to meet a desired pace.

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Ambient Racking Optimization-DC Receiving (Thermo Fisher Scientific) - A process improvement project on receiving warehouse at Thermo-Fisher Carlsbad campus.
Customer Special Order (CSO) Completion Shortage Improvement (Thermo Fisher) - To reduce the shortage experienced by customer special orders at Thermo Fisher in Carlsbad.
Decrease Freezer Energy Consumption (Thermo Fisher Scientific) - Decrease freezer energy consumption through improved maintenance and utilization at Thermo Fisher Scientific. 
Integrate External Lab into Existing Lab (Thermo Fisher Scientific) - To integrate an external lab, its materials and people into the existing lab space in Thermo Fisher by redesigning the lab’s layout.
Package Sort Process Improvement (FedEx) - To reduce the PM sort time by 10% by early May so trucks can leave the SDMA facility earlier to arrive to the airport on time, and reduce late departures.

Mechanical Engineering

Aerodynamics (Vildosola Racing) - To provide an assessment of the current aero characteristics of the Trophy Truck VDC-1 in order to improve the total drag coefficient, the fuel economy and the cooling system by implementing aerodynamic modifications.
Baja SAE Collegiate Design Series - To deisgn and build a vehicle that runs both static and dynamic events, an acceleration test, a suspension test, a hill-climb and will conclude with a four-hour endurance race.
Fiber Optic Cable Furnace (L-3 Photonics) - To create an open-air heating element used to modify glass fiber optic cabling.
Galil ROV - To design and implement a cheap, reliable, user-friendly underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that will enable explorers to experience the underwater world in a new way.
Rear Suspension for Trophy Truck (Vildosola Racing) - To redesign the rear suspension for a new Vildosola trophy truck for the Baja 1000 race. The model must be lighter than the existing model, focusing primarily on the trailing arms.
Robotic Arm (ASBC) - To create a low-cost, user programmable, robotic arm for schools interested in beginning or supplementing their own robotics program.
Search and Rescue ROV (Associated Students, SMSE Dean's Fund) - To design and construct a search and rescue remotely operated vehicle (ROV) utilizing two horizontal thrusters, one vertical thruster and high lumen LED lights to increase the speed in search and rescue missions for drowning victims.
Simple Seat, Better Lives (Associated Students) - To design and implement a solution to alleviate the physical limitations of those without full use of their lower extremities using a pit latrine.
SoulrCart (SoulrCart) -
Soulr Cart has created a business that emphasizes the power of solar energy and strives toward an affordable and green version of today's food cart standard.
Waterjet (Associated Students) - To design a low-cost cuttimg machine to cut a variety of materials with intricate and complex designs using water and garnet abraisive.

Interdisciplinary Projects (EE, ME, CS)

CubeSat Approach to Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (C.A.T.M.A.N.): EE|ME (Associated Students) - To generate a model subsystem for generating a low level MESH network among independent CubeSat nodes.
Kick Force Martial Arts iOS Application: CS|EE (KickFore Martial Arts) - To develop an iPhone application for a martial arts gym.
Label Inspection Device: EE|ME (ThermoFisher Scientific) - To develop a label identification system that inspects labels coming out of a thermal transfer printer, compares them to a golden template from a database, and makes a decision to accept or reject the label.
Next Generation Ticket Vending Machine: EE|ME (Cubic) Transportation Systems - To update Cubic’s ticket vending machines to communicate wirelessly via Xbee nodes while optimizing use of solar energy.
On Alternative Techniquest for Fluid Flow Anamoly Detection in IV Pump Infusion Sets: EE|ME (BD/CareFusion)
- This project examines alternative methods for detecting problematic scenarios in intravenous pump systems.
Therapy Insole: EE|ME (Clarity Design) - To design and construct a “smart” insole to facilitate walking rehabilitation for stroke victims.
Vibrato: EE|ME (General Atomics) - To utilize passive and active electromechanical compensation to minimize phase noise in the oscillator output caused from external vibration that lowers the SAR image resolution.
Vehicle Information, Communication and Telemetry over Electromagnetic Ether (V.I.C.T.O.R.E.E): EE|CS (Advanced Circuits) - To create a system that will allow the ME Baja SAE team to transmit voice and vehicle diagnostics from the vehicle to the pit team, improving innovation points and increasing racing performance.

Entrepreneurship Projects 

Cherry Tree Cover: ME (SDI Systems) - To develop a towable mechanism to unroll tarp over rows of sweet cherry trees to prevent crop losses due to excess rainfall.
The POD: EE/ME (CARE Technologies)
 - To enhance communication between healthcare professionals and reduce the amount of medical errors through the use of “The POD”, a small device capable of creating patient specific environments.
Trash Tracking:ME (USD Entrepreneurship) - Providing waste collection companies with tools to track their trash intake as well as increase recycling rates.