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I3@USD Magazine, formerly USD Engineer Magazine, is produced by the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering to showcase the achievements of our students, alumni and faculty. Each issue includes the latest school news and articles featuring in-depth explorations of the people and programs that make the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering unique. In the Class Notes section, alumni around the world share updates of their accomplishments. To submit your alumni updates for the upcoming issue, please fill out our Alumni Update Form.

I3 USD Engineer Mag

I3@USD Magazine Issues

2017 I3@USD Magazine / PDF

2016 I3@USD Magazine / PDF

2015 I3@USD Magazine / PDF

2014 I3@USD Magazine / PDF

2012 USD Engineer Magazine / PDF

2011 USD Engineer Magazine (PDF)

2010 USD Engineer Magazine (PDF)

2009 USD Engineer Magazine (PDF)

2008 USD Engineer Magazine (PDF)

2007 USD Engineer Magazine (PDF)

2006 USD Engineer Magazine (PDF)