Meet with an Advisor

Do you have questions about which classes to take; need to choose, declare, or change your major in engineering; want to review your progress; or just need some advice? Here's how to go about it.

Current Engineering Students

Contact your assigned faculty advisor to schedule an advising meeting. Your advisor:

  • was assigned to you as your instructor for ENGR 101 if you enrolled in your program
    as a freshman, or
  • was assigned to you when you declared your engineering major as a sophomore-level
    student or higher.

If you don't have an assigned advisor, email or call 619-260-2947.

Prospective Engineering Students

If you wish to enroll in the Engineering program, email or call 619-260-4627 to schedule an advising appointment.

Review Your Degree Progress

Review your degree progress using the Degree Audit. The Degree Audit tool documents the following:

  • The courses you have taken
  • The courses for which you've received transfer credit
  • The courses you are currently taking

The Degree Audit tool also compares your credits to overall degree requirements so you can see what you have left to do. Review your degree progress with your advisor to make sure you are on the right track.

Prepare for Your Advisor Meeting

View your program checklist and course planner to learn about degree requirements and recommended course sequences. Review this information with your advisor. If you have questions, email or call 619-260-2947.