What Is Industrial and Systems Engineering?

Are you one of those people who is always finding a better way to get something done or make things work faster, smarter and more efficiently?

Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) applies basic engineering skills from mathematics and the physical sciences, specialized analysis techniques and an understanding of how people interact with machines and each other to design, evaluate and improve the performance of systems. Industrial and systems engineers focus on the big picture, and how all of the moving parts can best fit together.

Industrial engineers are systems engineers who work in diverse industries, including:

  • Healthcare delivery systems
  • Product distribution networks, such as food, mail and computer components
  • Manufacturing systems, such as car, bicycle or mobile device manufacturers
  • Facilities layouts, such as airports, concert halls and amusement parks

Some say industrial and systems engineers are "the people engineers," because of the close relationship between ISyE methods and effective business operations and the attention devoted to the people in the systems being analyzed. This is the biggest difference between ISyE and other engineering disciplines: ISyE's help create better places for people to work and live.

We encourage undecided students to take ENGR 101 - Introduction  to Engineering - as part of their University Core Requirements to get hands-on experience in what engineering is all about.