What is General Engineering?

Engineering problems are rarely confined to a single discipline. A degree in general engineering signals that you are ready and willing to tackle problems that cross disciplinary boundaries.

Today’s most interesting engineering problems, from designing autonomous vehicles to building tools to sequence the human genome, have one thing in common: they require multidisciplinary problem solving. An undergraduate degree in general engineering prepares students to enter the workforce in a position to contribute to multiple areas of a project.

Our unique curriculum not only exposes students to multiple areas across engineering, but also reinforces the ways in which synthesizing these skills is critical to the success of engineering projects. This synthesis is most obvious in our experimental engineering class (GENG 360). In this class, students tackle open-ended problems that require them to draw from multiple prerequisites. For example, students might develop a model of beam deflection (a mechanical engineering problem) and then, using their expertise in electronics, design a system to measure that deflection (an electrical engineering problem).