What Is BS/BA in Engineering?

The BS/BA in Engineering degree (ENGR) provides students with a unique education in the field of engineering by allowing students to focus on one area of concentration, and also explore other areas of interest. Unlike most engineering majors that develop deep knowledge in one discipline, the ENGR degree encourages students to complement their comprehensive liberal arts education with a broad technical experience that provides them with the interdisciplinary perspective and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in a wide range of engineering and non-engineering careers. The general engineering program should appeal to students that have broad interests and desire to explore more than one disciplinary area.

The Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering is developing several concentrations for the ENGR program. The first concentration is in Embedded Software (ESW). Embedded software engineering focuses on software that controls or monitor devices that are typically part of a larger system. For example, ESW graduates might develop software to control autonomous vehicles, monitor power systems or control communication networks. Future concentrations will include sustainability, engineering and law, and bioengineering.

Consult the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering web site or contact the school for the latest information on those programs.