General Engineering

Tackle the world's most complicated problems with an interdisciplinary mindset

As a general engineering major, you will develop a broad technical foundation that prepares you for a range of engineering professions. You will also pursue coursework that gives you deep subject matter expertise in an area of your interest.

General Engineers see the world differently. Rather than focusing on one aspect of a problem, they understand the big picture. This requires not only a strong technical foundation across multiple areas of science and engineering, but also an understanding of the profound impact engineers have on society.

Broad Technical Foundation

As a general engineering major,you will develop competencies across multiple disciplines: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, materials science, energy, sustainability, and computer science. While these courses will provide you with a strong set of analytical skills, they have also been designed to show you the broader context of engineering. In particular, our unique course on Engineering and Social Justice (GENG 350) will help you understand the profound impacts that engineers have on society. The program culminates in a senior design capstone experience where you will have the opportunity to work on a community based project.

Develop Subject Matter Expertise (Concentrations)

To complement your broad foundation, the general engineering curriculum includes a concentration area of your choice to provide you with expertise in a particular area. Students may currently choose from the following options:

Embedded Software (ESW)
Want to design the internet of things? This concentration focuses on software development to control or monitor devices that are typically part of a larger systems. For example, ESW graduates might develop software to control autonomous vehicles, monitor power systems, or control communication networks.

Engineering and the Law
Interested in working as a patent agent or attorney?  In this concentration, courses taught by engineers, lawyers, political scientists, and others will prepare you for a range of careers at the intersection of engineering and law. You will have the opportunity to take several courses at USD’s School of Law.

Individual Plan of Study
Have a different career path in mind? Maybe you want you combine your love of architecture and engineering, or perhaps you are thinking of going to medical school. Consult your general engineering advisor to create a custom plan of study that meets your specific educational or career goals.

Coming Soon:
Other concentrations are under development. We expect to add concentrations in Sustainability/Environmental Issues and Bioengineering/Biology and Engineering shortly.

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