Tentative BS/BA in Engineering

General Engineering

While we seek final approval of the BS/BA in engineering curriculum, we desire to share with you the structure and anticipated course offerings so you can make decisions. We expect the final approval by the end of fall semester 2016. The total units for this program are 147 semester hours, which is the same as other engineering majors.

The general engineering curriculum offers a foundation in engineering principles and hands-on experience. It is divided into four parts—the engineering core, the engineering anchor, technical breadth and a cluster.

The engineering core (ENGR 101, ENGR 102, ENGR 103 and ENGR 121) is required for all engineering majors. The core provides a foundation in engineering and computing.

The engineering anchor (ENGR 250, ENGR 350, ENGR 360, ENGR 491 and ENGR 492) makes up the heart of the general engineering degree. These courses provide students with both technical expertise and a broader contextualization of engineering concepts. Students will be exposed to a foundational course in energy and society, an exploration of engineering through experimentation, engineering practice as viewed through the lens of social justice and a culminating capstone experience.

The technical breadth courses provide students with a broad foundation in several engineering disciplinary areas. These courses include three required engineering courses (ELEC 201, MENG 210, and ENGR 311) and four elective courses (chosen from ENGR 221, ENGR 380, ISYE 310, ISYE 320, ISYE 340 and a Math/Science elective). We are currently developing new courses for both the required and elective technical breadth courses.

Finally, the cluster provides students the ability to define their own program of study for the final portion of their degree. Students may choose courses with the approval of their major advisor, or they may pursue a predefined concentration. Predefined concentrations are designed to follow a path in a focus area. There are 27 semester units available in the cluster, of which at least 6 units must be upper-division engineering courses and 3 units must be a math/science course.

The embedded software concentration is currently available to students. We are in the process of developing additional concentrations in sustainability, engineering and law, and bioengineering.

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