Electrical Engineering

Innovate, Create and Make a Difference Using Tools Developed by Physicists, Scientists and Mathematicians.

Electrical engineering has revolutionized the way we live — from mobile devices and communication technology, to power distribution and alternative and sustainable energy, to medical imaging and optical electronics.

Are you ready to continue the revolution? In the electrical engineering program, you will gain hands-on experience understanding problems, finding solutions, creating models and testing solutions for optimal efficiency for electronic products and parts. Specifically, you will:

  • Gain wide exposure to a wide range of electrical engineering areas such as signals, systems and communications, so that you'll have the foundational knowledge to work as an electrical engineer in many different industries.
  • Work within a team on course projects to apply what you’ve learned in class to a real-world problems.
  • Use modern equipment and software in the faculty-run labs to design, simulate, build and test solutions to electrical problems.
  • Know how to solve actual problems in a sustainable way to save your employer money and the environment.
  • Translate your ideas into something that works in real life so you are prepared for the workplace.

You'll also learn engineering in a liberal arts context as part of your dual BS/BA degree. This well-rounded approach can help you bring knowledge from many areas to solve practical problems.

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