High School Student Steps

Are you thinking about a career as an engineer? You are in the right place. We invite you to explore the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering and learn how you can prepare for the courses in advance.


Meet With Our Friendly Faculty

Set up a personal meeting with a faculty member to learn more about our programs and getting your degree in engineering. Whether or not you've been accepted or have decided to attend USD, we look forward to helping you decide what is right for you.

Email usdengr@sandiego.edu to schedule a meeting.

Attend an Event

We encourage you and your parents to attend our Fall Expo or Spring Showcase, where students present their senior projects, or any of our public events. Come see see our beautiful San Diego campus, meet the School of Engineering faculty and students, and learn more about our programs.

Get Prepared for USD's Engineering Program

If you still have time, we recommend that you complete the following coursework in high school:

  • Math coursework through advanced algebra and trigonometry. Calculus is not required, but is helpful.
  • Science coursework that includes at least one year of chemistry and one year of biology. Physics is not required, but is helpful.

This coursework helps ensure a successful start as an engineering student at USD. Please contact us if you have questions about preparing to enroll in an engineering program at USD.