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Open Houses

Open Houses occur once a semester and are opportunities for students to show off their semester design projects. Guests are welcome to come and visit the projects and of course enjoy free food!


Engineering Fall Open House

Senior Projects in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering was held on December 5, 2012 on the second and third floors of Loma Hall.


Engineering Spring Open House

Senior Projects in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial & Systems Engineering will be held on May 10, 2013 on the second and third floors of Loma Hall.

USD Engineering
Spring Open House and Project Exhibition
Friday, May 10, 2013
2:30 pm – 5:05 pm
Loma Hall 2nd & 3rd Floors

Flyer [pdf]

allStream – Portable Sustainable Surveillance Device (P.S.S.D.) - A system that works in any environment under any conditions that will monitor an area via video capture, temperature, humidity, and carbon monoxide sensors.

Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) - This 3-wheel, off-road vehicle will be used to transport 55 gallon water barrels, supplies, and people, between communities in developing countries.

CNC Surfboard Shaper - The goal of this project is to create a CNC machine that is able to machine foam surfboard blanks and plywood quickly, precisely, and safely.

Dual Fuel Diesel Engine - This project is to develop an automated dual fuel system to allow cold weather usage of bio-diesel and straight vegetable oil (SVO) fuels.

Engine Dynamometer Instrumentation and Waste Heat - This project develops a methods of increasing internal combustion engine fuel efficiency.

Grand Jefe - Portable Automatic Emergency Alert System (P.A.E.A.S.) - A device we will develop to help people monitor their health.

Gumdrop Bears - Eagle And Rabbit + Server (E.A.R.S.) - Live video feed and GPS of friends and families

ISYE  – Computer-Integrated Manufacturing System
Students working with a four sub-systems of a continuous manufacturing operation, including two separate robotic systems, one programmable logic control system, and one CNC mill system.

ISYE 420 – La Paloma and Bert’s Dining Simulation
Simulation of Systems  The students were required to work in a team to develop a comprehensive simulation project to identify a real-world system that can be modeled and improved using computer simulation software.  The students are required to develop a model of the system using Simio software.  This year’s students are modeling La Paloma and Bert’s dining facilities to identify ways to improve customer throughput and worker utilization.

MegAAAwesome – Peak Performance System - A device controlling and understanding stress.

MElectrical - Viasat Automatic Satellite Acquisition SystemAn automated satellite acquisition system for ViaSat’s commercial portable satellite will be designed.

Open Source 3D Printer - This project will improve upon existing open source designs to produce new low cost 3D printers for the Engineering department and further develop open source technologies.

Remote Inspection Device - A remote controlled vehicle to navigate obstacles, read sensors, and activate switches placed on a pre-designed course controlled and driven utilizing live video feeds.

Solar Thermal Energy Storage - This project improves current solar water heating systems by adding a heat exchanger/heat storage chamber.

Sustainable Water Filtration System - This team will be involved in the constructing and testing of the water filtration system. To be sent in parts of the world where access to clean water is still a daily struggle.

The Weathermen – Climactic Response System
Climate changes can adversely affect signals between dishes and satellites. As a result, users of satellite Internet services suffer. ViaSat Exede is a satellite Internet provider that has the technology to offer its customers a coverage area, speed, and bandwidth that is unmatched by competitors. However, the ViaSat Exede service is still susceptible to change-in-weather effects.
The Climatic Response System aims to lessen the impact of those effects on Exede’s service.


For complete discriptions on these capestone project please visit our senior design page or click here