Faculty Research

The faculty at USD's Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering conduct research and publish their findings in prestigious journals and at technical conferences. They also consult with industry and government organizations. Their current interests and areas of recent research are summarized below.

Bradley Chase, PhD (ISyE)

Bradley Chase directs the Ergonomics Laboratory at USD and has an appointment as a Research Scientist at the Naval Health Research Center in San Diego. He is an active consultant in the area of Performance Improvement. He has consulted on projects with Active Input Solutions, SAIC, and Consolo Systems, a local software startup. His research has been supported by the Army Research Institute, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), U.S. Navy, and the American Society for Engineering Education.

Daniel Codd, PhD (ME) 

Daniel Codd's research focuses on renewable energy systems, advanced manufacturing and precision mechanical design. Recent collaborative research projects funded by the California Energy Commission, ARPA-E, and MIT include concentrated solar power systems with integral high temperature thermal energy storage. He has served as a consultant and maintains active ties with several technology development firms in the energy, materials, automotive, consumer product and medical device industries. He is licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE).

Odessma Dalrymple PhD (ISyE)

Ming Huang, PhD (ME)

Ming Huang's research interests are in the area of mechanical design with special emphasis on robotics and computer aided design. Problems considered include optimal design and coordination of novel robotic mechanisms with hybrid series and parallel structures. He has directed five (5) applied research projects in robotics, simulation, and computer-aided design and two (2) educational research projects supported by NSF, State of Florida, IBM, and Motorola. He was a consultant to China Productivity Center in Taiwan, a research fellow at Armstrong Laboratory at Wright-Patterson AFB, and consulted as well as worked as a technical staff at Motorola. He is licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE).

Frank Jacobitz, PhD (ME)

Frank Jacobitz pursues research that focuses on numerical simulation of fluid flow. Problems considered include turbulent mixing processes in density stratified and rotating flows with geophysical applications on the atmosphere and oceans, as well as biological flows of blood in skeletal muscle and muscle fascia vessel networks.

Imane Khalil PhD (ME)

Ernest Kim, PhD (EE)

Ernest Kim was principle Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer at Lightwave Solutions and has previously consulted with a variety of companies including All Optical Networks and Ascom Technologies and remains active consulting engineering. He has designed and verified such circuitry as RF predistortion circuits, fan control circuits, power supply circuits, backplane layout, electromechanical interfaces, hot swap control, and power redundancy circuit. He is licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE).

Jae Kim PhD (ISyE)

James Kohl, PhD (ME)

James Kohl has research interests in mechanical properties of UHMWPE fibers in Failure Analysis, Silicone Coatings, Tribology, and Adhesion. He has significant industry experience, including serving as Vice President of Airfoil Operations and Engineering, Technical Director, and Program Coordinator at Chromalloy Dallas.

Kathleen Kramer, PhD (EE)

Kathleen Kramer has research interests in the areas of multisensor data fusion, digital systems, and communications systems. Recent research projects concern neural-extended Kalman filter use for target tracking and intercept, level 2 data fusion for composition estimation, and use of fuzzy logic for data fusion of multiple sensors. She has consulted or worked as a member of technical staff at ViaSat, Hewlett Packard, Northern Telecom, and Bell Communications Research.

Susan Lord, PhD (EE)

Susan Lord's research focuses on the study and promotion of diversity in engineering including student pathways, diverse populations including Latinos and military veterans, and cross-cultural studies with non-U.S. students. Her research has been sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Dr. Lord is a fellow of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and is active in the engineering education community including serving as President of the IEEE Education Society, General Co-Chair of the 2006 Frontiers in Education Conference, and as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Education. She also directs the Optoelectronics Laboratory at USD.

Mikaya Lumori, PhD (EE)

Mikaya Lumori has research interests that include Gaussian beam modeling of electromagnetic field sources, applied electromagnetics, electromagnetic hyperthermia, ultrasonics (underwater acoustics and medical applications), and system parametric identification. He has held research positions at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center ( Tucson, Arizona ), at University College London ( London, England ) and with the University of London, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine at the Medical Research Council Cyclotron Unit, Hammersmith Hospital ( London, England ). 

Matthew McGarry, PhD (ME)

Dr. Matthew McGarry studies heat transfer enhancement via natural and forced convection. In addition he examines alternate energy systems.

Michael Morse, PhD (EE)

Michael Morse has ongoing research that includes studying pathways followed by current during an electrical accident and analyzing the potential for injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Dr. Morse has published much of his work focusing on the effects of electricity on the human body and diffuse electrical injury (DEI).

Truc Ngo, PhD (ISyE)

Dr. Ngo's research interests are in the areas of green materials and sustainable processes involving polymers, composites, organic semiconductors, and supercritical fluids. She has also led several humanitarian engineering service learning trips with undergraduate students to the Dominican Republic. Before joining academia, Dr. Ngo worked as a Senior Process Engineer at the Portland Technology Development Group and the California Technology Manufacturing Group, Intel Corporation, developing cutting-edge manufacturing processes to manufacture microchips for computers and mobile devices.

Rick Olson, PhD (ISyE)

Dr. Olson’s general teaching and research interests are in the area of applied operations research. He has particular academic interest in modeling, heuristic optimization and sustainability. He is also active in initiatives that encourage pre-college students to consider engineering careers and in retention of engineering students.

Leonard Perry, PhD (ISyE)

Leonard Perry has research interests in the area of system improvement via quality improvement methods especially in the area of applied statistics, statistical process control, and design of experiments. Dr. Perry consults, instructs, and collaborates on quality improvement projects with representatives from biotech, health care, defense, and traditional manufacturing institutions. He has been an instructor for the Six Sigma Black belt training at the Six Sigma Institute for three years. He is a UCSD Certified Six-Sigma Master Black-Belt and an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer.

Thomas Schubert, PhD (EE)

Thomas Schubert has research intrest in analog electrics and electromagnetic fields and engineering education. He has previously consulted with Planar Systems, Inc. concerning the efficient electronic driving of electroluminescent panels, and with Teledyne-Ryan Electronics concerning the analysis and design of layered Luneburg lens antennas in the microwave region.