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Alpha Pi Mu

Alpha Pi Mu is an honor society, first initiated in 1949, that confers recognition upon the industrial engineering student who has shown exceptional academic interests and abilities in his field. To be eligible, students must be Industrial & Systems Engineering majors who are either the upper one-fifth of juniors or in the upper one-third of seniors in the industrial & systems engineering majors in their class. All students who meet the scholarship requirements should also exhibit positive characteristics of leadership, ethicality, sociability and widespread interest. In addition to conferring recognition, the society mission is to encourage wherever possible any movement which will advance the best interest of industrial engineering education, to unify the student body of the Industrial & Systems Engineering Program in presenting its needs and ideals to the faculty, to create a closer student-faculty relationship by bringing together the needs and thoughts of both, to assist and cooperate with all organizations and persons working for the interest of industrial engineering, to benefit its members by the association and experience that can come from bringing together a group with similar interests, objectives, and abilities, and to promote the professional welfare of all.



Chapter Faculty Advisor: Dr. Leonard Perry, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Industrial & Systems Engineering, (619)260-7558.