Student Entrepreneurship Teams

Through the entrepreneurship track in senior design, students can select to work on an entrepreneurship project in conjunction with their senior design course.  This involves a little more work that will include studying the entrepreneurship modules, working with external mentors, and making several pitches throughout the academic year.

Student Entrepreneurship Projects

In 2015-16, the Trek Modular Camera Slider System was the first entrepreneurship project conceptualized and created as a prototype within the Senior Design Capstone curriculum at the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering by Chris Szczur, Scott Matthews, Sarah May, Alex Benson and Tyler Lagomarsino. It has since been launched by Chris and Scott publicly with support from USD's entrepreneurial program and lead faculty, Dr. Subramian (Venkat) Shastri, as Dyno Equipment, Inc., which began selling their patent pending initial product offering in October 2017 as part of a Crowd Funding campaign on Indiegogo. This product, called Trek, is the world's first portable, app-connected, modular camera slider system designed for cameras, smartphones and GoPros. 

Dyno Equipment, Inc.'s Trek Modular Camera Slider System


Following are the 2016-17 student entrepreneurship teams and their projects:

CARE Technologies: Patient Security Node

Project Team: Colby Bishop, Andrew Booth, Eric Greene, Anthony Shao and Jacques Yeager

Care Technologies

This interdisciplinary electrical engineering and mechanical engineering project was designed to create a device that will aggregate data from multiple medical devices and secure the transfer of information across information systems.

Cherry Tree Cover

Project Team: Andrew Billigmeier, Connor Schofield, Jake Hallgrimson, Nick Watson and Ryan St. Onge

This mechanical engineering project was designed to develop a low cost physical cover for cherry trees that will displace rainwater that can devastate annual crops. The cover will be viable for farms of all sizes.

Trash Tracker

Project Team: Jordan Schultz, David Morris, Jorge Pumachugua and Matthew McLean
Sponsor: USD Entrepreneurship

Waste Tracking

This mechanical engineering project was designed to develop a waste tracking system that weighs trash, recycling and green waste on a per-household basis to reduce garbage generation and increase recycling.

Faculty Lead

Dr. Subramanian (Venkat) Shastri, Professor of Practice and Director of the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering Industry Partnership Program, serves as the lead faculty member to instruct and oversee the Entrepreneurship Program.