Students' Curiosity Vital to Research Opportunities

From Inside USD -- Meanwhile, a group of mechanical engineering students — Kristian Wittman, Elphbert Laforteza, Nicholas Perez, Denver Pascua and Justin Snelling — were in the UC foyer discussing the merits of the Open Source 3D printer they’ve created as their senior capstone project.The project came about as a result of the USD Engineering Department’s desire to have one efficient 3D printer that could replace its two current printers. The printers are used to educate students and to manufacture parts and prototypes for projects. One printer is too expensive while the other is difficult to maintain. The five students, all of whom will graduate in December, were up to the task. While their project will be complete and shown at the May 10 Engineering Open House in Loma Hall, Snelling said the group enjoyed the opportunity to build something with lasting value.

“The printer is used in the labs, so it will be cool that when we come back (as alumni) to visit the lab that something we did will still be there,” he said. (Full Story