Figure Cited for Aesthetic Merit

This event occurred in the past

A figure from a recent journal article entitled "Influence of initial mean helicity on homogeneous turbulent shear flow" by Frank Jacobitz (San Diego), Kai Schneider (Marseille), Wouter Bos (Lyon) and Marie Farge (Paris), recently published in Physical Review E, was cited by the journal's editors for its "aesthetic merit." The figure is currently featured on the journal's home page and it will remain available in the "Kaleidoscope" archive at

The article considers homogeneous turbulence in shear flows. The selected figure shows iso-surfaces of vorticity colored with helicity, the scalar product of velocity and vorticity. Regions with small values of helicity (grey) correspond to regions of local two-dimensionalization of the flow. Yellow and blue indicate a trend to helical or corkscrew-like motion of fluid particles with positive or negative rotation orientations, respectively. More information can be found in the journal article at