USD Helps Veterans with Academic Mission

Today, Veterans Day, most people have the day off from work. Government offices and banks are closed. Many students don’t have to attend school. It’s a chance to enjoy a relaxing day and to soak up the San Diego sun.

For military veterans Colleen Sevier, Antwane Green, Peter Sciabarra, Melanie Hitchcock and Eric Brown, today definitely has a purpose, but the mission — this time — is theirs alone to decide.

Chances are good that they’ll spend time reflecting on friendships and experiences in the military, but they’ll be equally focusing on advancing their academic knowledge, enhancing job skills and individual career goals. It’s a feeling that, for a long time, was put on hold because they were busy serving overseas or maintaining and supporting operations here in the United States.

Two veterans, Sevier and Green, are former Marines and are now undergraduate Engineering students at the University of San Diego. (Full Story Inside USD)