Thomas Kanneman Memorial Service

We are saddened to learn of the death of Professor Thomas A. Kanneman, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering and founding director of Engineering at USD. Professor Kanneman passed away on November 11 from complications related to a recent heart surgery.

Professor Kanneman retired from full-time faculty service at USD in 2006 after a long career of teaching, scholarship and service. He was awarded the status of Professor Emeritus in May 2006 and was recognized with a University Professorship in 2005.

As the first director of Engineering and first member of the engineering faculty, he has had the longest and most sustained impact on USD’s engineering programs of anyone on the faculty. He arrived at USD more than twenty years ago, having been hired from Arizona State University where he was professor and chair of the Department of Electronics and Computer Technology.

Professor Kanneman has been a consistent developer and advocate for strengthening USD’s engineering programs both to the benefit of students and the professional engineering communities throughout the region. He has been a very visible force in the community by having served as the president or chair of various professional associations, where he has sustained a visibility for USD and the quality of its engineering graduates.

He is survived by his wife, Barbara Kanneman, and their daughter, Kathy Farrington.