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ODS & Cognos

IBM's Cognos has been installed to facilitate better reporting of all data stored in Operational Data Store (ODS). ODS is simply an additional storage repository of data, which is a copy of the Banner real-time production database, re-organized specifically for efficient report access. The ODS extracts data from Banner and arranges it in logical business area reporting views. Having these views, with the logical relationships already established between them, makes it easier for the user to pull data from more than one view to complete a report. The tables in ODS are the most commonly used by most institutions for reporting. This was based on surveys and partnerships with other schools when the product was developed by SunGard.

ODS refresh scheduled to run once every day at 7:00PM and finishes before midnight, so data returned in a report is always one day old. User must be set up in the system and must have authorization from the data custodian(s) of various data owners to access reports/data using Cognos. A wide variety of report formats like HTML, Excel, and comma separated values (CSV), PDF or xml are supported by Cognos. Users will have the ability to schedule the reports and send the output via     e-mail or store somewhere in a network location or reports can be bursted to a specified set of recipients based on values from within the report.

In near future we are hoping to implement an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Our plan is to begin with the Banner EDW ‘out-of-the-box’ solution, taking advantage of analytic requirements provided to, and implemented by, Sungard’s  collaboration with other higher educational institutions. EDW extends the ODS Operational reporting capabilities by further transforming the ODS data into data warehousing structures such as dimensional models and star schemas. These structures allow highly aggregated analysis across important ‘dimensions’,  ‘measures’ and ‘time’ – providing trending and the ability for analysts to drill-through and explore important areas of analysis. Longer term, the BI Team is looking at extending the ‘out-of-the-box’ solution by developing custom EDW/BI implementations, allowing us to look across broader expanse of related activities.

Noetix Platform & Noetix Views

Noetix Platform is an enterprise reporting platform for Budget and Finance departments. Noetix Platform will help the users to make full use of Noetix Views and extend the capabilities of their current reporting infrastructure. Noetix Views are set of views of the data in your Oracle Financials Applications. Noetix Views works in concert with the latest releases of the Oracle Applications and modern client/server query tools to give you unparalleled flexibility and ease of data access. Oracle allows you to tailor its Applications while query tools allow you to fetch data from those applications. Now, Noetix Views improves this process by providing intelligence about the Oracle data so that it can be easily queried with your query tool and presented in meaningful business terms.