Link to Find People

There are two ways to link to the USD e-mail directory: the easy way, and the hard way.

The Easy Way

You can search the e-mail directory on department, office, extension, name, and e-mail address. The keywords that you can use are:


The URL you’ll use is and then the keyword, an equal sign, and what you are looking for. Any spaces have to be replaced with ‘%20’. As in the normal search, you can use ‘*’ as a multiple-character ‘wildcard’.

If you want more than one, for example, all the Academic Computing personnel in Serra Hall, use the ‘&’ to connect the two. (You have to spell out the ampersand like that because bare ampersands aren’t allowed in HTML.)

You can also specify that the results be sorted by ‘department’, ‘office’, ‘phone’, ‘mail’. Results are sorted by name if you don’t specify a sort field.


/directory/people/people.php?department=Academic%20Technology%20Services Links to Academic Technology entries.
/directory/people/people.php?office=SH-205 Links to Serra Hall 205 (SH-205).
/directory/people/people.php?department=Academic%20Technology%20Services&office=SH Links to all Academic Technology personnel in Serra Hall. (Or any building with an ‘SH’.)
/directory/people/people.php?office=SH&sort=office Links to all offices with ‘SH’ and sorts by office.

The Hard Way

If you are familiar with forms, you can create a form and point to the results. Use the keywords above in your form. You will need to use method="get".