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Alyson MaSchool of Business2383OH-237ProfessorMore detail
Tina MabeTelecommunications6888MH-199Telecommunications & Network ManagerMore detail
Vivienne MacAdamEnglish7628FH-172DAdjunct InstructorMore detail
Karen MacauleySchool of Nursing7647BINR-101CAssociate ProfessorMore detail
Andrew MacDonaldSchool of BusinessLecturerMore detail
Kai MacDonaldCounseling Center4655MH-11Consulting PsychiatristMore detail
Keith MacdonaldArts and Sciences Admin4211SCST-327Interim Building Manager-Chem Safety OfficerMore detail
Wayne MachadoBookstore8884UC-137Customer Service SupervisorMore detail
Andrew MaciasBookstoreCasual Worker, BookstoreMore detail
Chad MaciasCampus RecreationCampus Rec InstructorMore detail
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These extensions can be dialed using (619) 260 and then the number. The University of San Diego operator can be reached at 619-260-4600.

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