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Kim MackieDining Services Admin4519UC-137Executive AssistantMore detail
Maria Cristina ManabatMathematics6725SH-133Executive AssistantMore detail
Kay ManansalaLaw School Administration4527WH-200Executive AssistantMore detail
Stephanie McQuadeGraduate Admissions6159SH-202Executive AssistantMore detail
Maria MenezesSch of Leadership & Ed Science5938MRH-257AExecutive AssistantMore detail
Janey MiddletonArts and Sciences Admin2466FH-114Executive AssistantMore detail
Sonya MohamedSch of Leadership & Ed Science4540MRH-205MExecutive AssistantMore detail
Lori Ann MossutoLaw Graduate & Int'l ProgramExecutive AssistantMore detail
Megan MurrayAthletic Development6511SC-NONEExecutive AssistantMore detail

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