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Karen MacauleySchool of Nursing7647BeysterInstitute Nrsg Research 101CAssociate ProfessorMore detail
Diane MaherCopley Library4721Camino Hall 206Associate ProfessorMore detail
David MalickySchool of Engineering7858Loma Hall 327Associate ProfessorMore detail
Kathy MarshSchool of Nursing4773Hahn School of Nursing 102BAssociate ProfessorMore detail
Juliana MaximFine Arts7636Camino Hall 033BAssociate ProfessorMore detail
Topher McDougalKroc School of Peace Studies7927Kroc Inst for Peace & Justice 275Associate ProfessorMore detail
Matthew McGarrySchool of Engineering7518Loma Hall 330Associate ProfessorMore detail
Joseph McGowanEnglish4113Founders Hall 172BAssociate ProfessorMore detail
Lynn McGrathMathematics2932Serra Hall 133AAssociate ProfessorMore detail
Julia MedinaLanguages and Literatures2751Founders Hall 144JAssociate ProfessorMore detail

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