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Mary BargerSchool of Nursing7797HSN-231AAssociate ProfessorMore detail
Linda BarkacsSchool of Business7876OH-314Associate ProfessorMore detail
Donna BarnesSch of Leadership & Ed Science4283MRH-149AAssociate ProfessorMore detail
Jordan BarryLaw School Administration7517WH-308HAssociate ProfessorMore detail
Thomas BartonHistory4042KIPJ-266Associate ProfessorMore detail
Amy BesnoyCopley Library2368CL-NONEAssociate ProfessorMore detail
Terry BirdBiology4671SCST-432Associate ProfessorMore detail
Rachel BlaserPsychology7736SH-120Associate ProfessorMore detail
James BolenderChemistry and Biochemistry4792SCST-380Associate ProfessorMore detail
Susan BonnellSchool of Nursing8816HSN-107AAssociate ProfessorMore detail

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