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Rebecca AlenaziAcademic Technology ServicesInstructional Support Analyst IIMore detail
Emily BoothAcademic Technology ServicesInstructional Support Analyst IMore detail
Cyd BurrowsAcademic Technology Services8818MH-190Manager of Instructional and Media TechnologyMore detail
Allison CzaprackiAcademic Technology Services2914MH-196Instructional Support Analyst IIMore detail
Ravi DhungelAcademic Technology Services6859MH-192System Architect - Linux-UnixMore detail
Maureen DominguezAcademic Technology Services2765SH-205ALab ManagerMore detail
Stephanie EikermannAcademic Technology ServicesClerical WorkerMore detail
Carrie EnklerAcademic Technology ServicesClerical WorkerMore detail
Abimbola EsanAcademic Technology ServicesHelp Desk AnalystMore detail
Stephen MaierAcademic Technology Services4591MH-198Web Application Programmer-DeveloperMore detail

These extensions can be dialed using (619) 260 and then the number. The University of San Diego operator can be reached at 619-260-4600.

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