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  • Don’t use full names. Use first or last name, or part of the first or last name (partial searches work fine; if you don’t know if their official name is Jerold or Jerry, you can search on “Jer”).
  • Only employees of USD have extensions and departments.
  • Department names are often abbreviated. If your search doesn’t find anyone, try looking for someone in that department, and click on the department name.
  • Student entries are not available unless you are on campus.

More Information

Advanced SearchSearch for people in departments, by extension, by e-mail address, and by position.
Building CodesA list of building codes for USD offices and buildings.
Find People ChangesIf your entry is incorrect in Find People, please let Telecom know!
Link to Find PeopleWebmasters can link to specific searches in the USD e-mail directory using a simple URL.