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Pavilion Dining

PAVILION DINING: Student Life Pavilion, Level 1

Pavilion Dining is home to an array of unique dining concepts that fuse distinct ingredients and flavors to create delicious menus in an inviting environment. Menus were developed in partnership with the Culinary Institue of America at Greystone. Recipient of a

Halal Meals: Available every day at lunch and dinner in Pavilion Dining. Menu

Vegetarian and Gluten-Free items are available. See below for a selection at each station. Ask for a supervisor on duty if you have questions or need assistance with your dietary slelections.

pavilion salad bar



Regional dishes from the Mediterranean and beyond. Sample dish: turkey meatloaf with smashed potatoes and French green beans. Gluten-Free: (Lunch) Salmon & Steak. (Dinner) Grilled Chicken Breast with Brown Rice. Vegetables & Daily Specials Available Upon Request. Vegetarian: Rice & Beans or Cheese Quesadilla.

Sea Salt Grill

Sea Salt

Classic American fare including a full breakfast menu each morning and char-grilled entrees at lunch. Gluten-Free: Hamburger or Cheeseburger with no Bun. Vegetarian: Grilled Cheese, Mushroom Grilled Cheese, Veggie Burger, French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries and Onion Rings.


Authentic Mexican cuisine and tortilleria - enjoy tortillas made from scratch each day. Gluten-Free: Tortillas Available Upon Request. Vegetarian: Rice & Beans and Cheese Quesadilla.

Nori Now

Nori Now

Japanese cuisine with sushi, sashimi and bento boxes. Gluten-Free: Plain Sushi with No Soy or Eel Sauce. Vegetarian: Veggie Rolls

Mu Shu

Mu Shu

Chinese wok stir-fry such as General Chu's Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Chow Mein and Fried Rice. Vegetarian: Bok Choy in Spicy Garlic Sauce with Chow Mein.

Lemon Grass

Traditional Vietnamese dishes featuring Pho soups and curries. Gluten-Free: All Curry Items. Vegetarian: Pho Tofu and Tofu Salad Roll.

Heirloom Cucina

Wood-fired pizza, piadine and Itallian casseroles. Handmade wheat dough is baked fresh daily.

Secret Ingredient

Secret Ingredient

Live action cooking station, featuring a new specialty ingredient daily, and home to our cooking classes. Gluten-Free: Ask the Chef for Our Daily Specials.


Two Salad Bars featuring: fresh, local, organic, and Mediterranean produce. Gluten-Free: Oil & Vinegar Dressing. Vegetarian: Green Beans and Soy, Parsley and Tomato with Bulgur Feta/Melon/Watercress, and Mint Asparagus Hoisin with Vinaigrette.

Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf

Homemade soups, chilis and stews - including organic and vegetarian options. Vegetarian: Soup Option Available Daily.

Out of the Box

Out of the Box!

Assorted cereals with numerous toppings, such as granola, fruit and nuts. Gluten-Free: Cereal Available Upon Request.

La Tarte

La Tarte

Specialty desserts and sweets made from scratch by our Pastry Chef and on-site Bake Shop. Gluten-Free: All Frozen Yogurt