Training, Consulting and Audit Services

In addition to educational programs and degrees, the Center for Cyber Security Engineering and Technology develops and coordinates training, consulting and audit services through USD's Division of Professional and Continuing Education. These services have been developed to help create a cyber security culture within organizations and to address relevant cyber security topics that apply directly to an organization's technical and policy-driven threat mitigation goals and response plans. CCSET's expertise extends from overall strategic direction or initiatives (such as basic employee awareness training) to specific and emerging topics in cyber security.

Services include:

  • Evaluation of systems and architecture design
  • Evaluation of policy design and development
  • Assistance in understanding organizational assets, security goals and technical requirements (including procurement and vendor evaluation)
  • Guidance in designing and implementing threat mitigation strategies
  • Development of incident management and response strategy
  • Design and instruction of executive education and customized training

Contact Mark Castellano at (619) 260-4564 or email