About the Cyber Security Engineering and Technology

CCSET Executive Training TeamThe University of San Diego's Center for Cyber Security Engineering and Technology (CCSET) is designed to develop and coordinate opportunities for world-class education, research and service to address threats to information systems. CCSET assists business, government, law enforcement and private citizens to better prepare and respond to highly motivated, highly trained adversaries who are responsible for billions in lost revenue each year; catastrophic disruptions in service; terrorism and activism; a dark web of criminal activity; and constant peril to critical infrastructure.

According to recent reports, these types of threats are utilizing tactics and techniques that would defeat over 90% of cyber security products currently on the market. Despite best efforts, most people and organizations are not prepared to deal with the level of sophistication employed by cyber adversaries, primarily because of defense strategies that focus on best practices and perimeter defense, and not the type of subversion that is being used to steal personnel records and intellectual property, or that cause massive operational disruptions.

The Challenge

Modern technologies present society with the paradox of offering unimaginable opportunities for innovation and connectivity, and a persistent and ubiquitous risk. Every digital gain we make creates exposure to a myriad of dangers, from adversarial and criminal, to insider threats.  This problem continues to expand in parallel with our rising dependency on the digital domain for more and more critical elements of our lives.  Many of the systems we use are built on a foundation of inherently insecure technology, and a security culture that has practiced a “penetrate and patch” approach that is reactive and offers constant advantage to adversaries.