Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

2016-17 Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Members

Department Representative
Anthropology Angelo Orona
Art, Architecture + Art History Can Bilsel
Biology Curtis Loer
Chemistry and Biochemistry Jeremy Kua
Communication Studies David Sullivan
English Koonyong Kim
Environmental and Ocean Sciences Jennifer Prairie
Ethnic Studies May Fu
History Clara Oberle
Languages, Cultures and Literatures Cecilia Ruiz
Mathematics and Computer Science Jennifer Gorsky
Music Chris Adler
Philosophy Steve Tammelleo
Physics and Biophysics Michael Anderson
Political Science and International Relations Casey Dominguez
Psychological Sciences Rachel Blaser
Sociology Cid Martinez
Theatre Arts Evelyn Diaz Cruz
Theology and Religious Studies Susie Babka
Associated Students Danielle Priore
Core Curriculum Committee Kristin Moran 
Chair Ron Kaufmann