Core Curriculum Committee (CCC)

2018-2019 Membership


Ex-Officio Members
Core Curriculum Director Bethany O'Shea
Core Advisory Committee Ron Kaufmann, Steve Conroy and Rick Olson
Writing Program Amanda Moulder
Associated Students Representative Christopher Hermes
Core Area Representative
Artistic Inquiry Jessica Patterson (CAS)
Critical Thinking and Information Literacy Martha Adkins (Copley) 
Ethical Inquiry Emily Reimer-Barry (CAS)
Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Jesse Mills (CAS)
Historical Inquiry Michael Gonzalez (CAS)
Integration Julia Cantzler (CAS) 
Literary Inquiry Kevin Guerrieri (CAS)
Mathematical Reasoning and Problem Solving Lukasz Pruski (CAS)
Oral Communication Diane Keeling (CAS)
Philosophical Inquiry Michael Kelly (CAS)
Quantitative Reasoning Daniel Lin (SB) 
Scientific and Technical Inquiry Greg Severn (CAS )
Second Language Competency Leonora Simonovis-Brown (CAS)
Social and Behavioral Inquiry Patricia Kowalski (CAS)
Theology and Religious Inquiry Mary Doak (CAS)
Writing Competency David Sullivan (CAS)
At Large Members Members
School of Business Simon Croom, Adriana Vamosiu, Wenli Xiao
Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering Susan Lord