Hansen Summer Institute

The CPC partners with The Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and International Cooperation to offer a Social Entrepreneurship Program to educate students about the entrepreneurial process and develop innovative social ventures to create positive change in the face of social, environmental, and justice issues.




The Hansen Summer Institute was established to provide young leaders from around the world a unique opportunity to engage in a University-based leadership experience in international cooperation. The CPC's Social Entrepreneurship Program informs Fellows about social entrepreneurship as a workable option for improving international economic development – a key ingredient for world peace.

Fellows receive training on the nuts and bolts of social entrepreneurship and work in international teams to create a social entrepreneurship proposal and pitch it as they compete for seed capital to implement their idea.

2017 Funded Ventures

AquaVitae provides a life saving, water filtering straw to people living in Afghan refugee camps.
Nútrete provides Guatemalan children with the nutrition they need so they can lead flourishing, productive lives.
Kosogrow helps small farmers in Kosovo access regional European Union markets.
AquaVitae team
Nútrete Team
Kosogrow team

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