Center for Peace and Commerce

Drop Shadow


The Social Innovation Challenge requires that the applicant, individual or team, has a faculty or community mentor. Mentors are available through the Center for Peace and Commerce.


The purpose of mentorship is to create collaborative relationships between San Diego’s professional community and student. Mentors will guide students in their learning process as they compete in the Social Innovation Challenge.  Students will seek mentor support for improving a proposal, articulating it clearly and convincingly, and demonstrating a capacity to implement the project within a time frame. 

Check out Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mentors.


  • Act as a sounding board in preparing proposal (suggested 2 hours) -February
  • Work with team to give suggestions for their implementation of project -March
  • Meet with the team after awards are announced to discuss implementation plan -June-August
  • Review the team’s progress report -September
  • Review the team’s final presentation -November
  • Attend the team’s final presentations -December

Shared Responsibilities

  • Identify a mechanism for periodic communication and its structure between mentor and mentee and follow it
  • Co-create an implementation timeline
  • Discuss progress briefings
  • Respect the relationship and allow for trust and appreciation

Student/Team Responsibilities

  • Initiate contact with the mentor
  • Be realistic about expectations of mentor
  • Understand mentor's expectations
  • Plan and set the agenda for each meeting
  • Explore opportunities presented by mentor

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Create an open and comfortable environment
  • Clearly communicate expectations of mentee
  • Be an active listener with mentee
  • Share opportunities that mentee should explore

Mentor Matching

CPC will recruit mentors and pair them with student/team applicants.  Pairing of mentors will be based on the following:

  • Matching the mentors’ knowledge with the student/team’s project needs
  • Matching the professional aspirations of the student/team with the mentors skill set

Contact Nadia Auch for more information.