Mentorship is one of the most important benefits of participating in the Social Innovation Challenge.


The purpose of mentorship is to create collaborative relationships between San Diego’s professional community and student. Mentors will guide students in their learning process as they compete in the Social Innovation Challenge.  Students will seek mentor support for improving a proposal, articulating it clearly and convincingly, and demonstrating a capacity to implement the project within a time frame. 

Student-Mentor Pairing: 

Individuals and teams will automatically be matched with a mentor upon qualifying for the semi-final round. 

Community Members: 

If you are a non-profit or social business leader in the San Diego region and would like to be involved in the Social Innovation Challenge, please let us know! there are three ways to participate: 

  1. Be an SIC Mentor: Mentors will be paired with a semi-finalist team or individual based on areas of expertise. Mentors are expected to spend time familiarizing themselves with the project they will mentor, and to meet with their mentee(s) at least once.  The timeframe for this participation is from late February to early May. 
  2. Be an SIC Speed Coach: SIC Speed Coaches are an essential part of Idea Lab 6.  Speed Coaches are industry experts who will meet with a series of semi-finalists to counsel them on their projects.  Idea Lab 6 will take place from 12 pm - 2:30 pm on March 15, 2016. 
  3. Be an SIC Judge: SIC Judges have a deep understanding of how social impact happens and how ventures become successful.  Judges will review 3-5 projects via the SIC online platform during Round 1, between February 16th and February 27th, 2016.