Innovations from Prior Years

The Social Innovation Challenge (SIC) powered by the Center for Peace and Commerce at the University of San Diego prepares students to be conscious entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and changemakers in whatever their next endeavor is. A single university initiative in 2011, the challenge has grown to become a bi-national initiative in 2017 with participation from 10 universities from both the U.S. and Mexico. From 2017-2018 onwards, the challenge is now a global initiative that welcomes participation from universities and colleges around the world that are keen on recognizing, resourcing, and rewarding student social innovators to drive positive change in our world!

Below are a few examples of student-led social ventures that emerged from the Social Innovation Challenge during 2011-2017. Click the images below to see more information about each of these social innovations and what each venture is up to now!

Assists Ugandan land mine victims to use the restroom.

Inspires and empowers students to initiate positive social change

Addresses poverty and homelessness through different initiatives.

Solves the problem experienced when attempting to find a partially consumed beverage bottle.

Papua Coffee improves overall health of consumers and funds the social and economic development of Papua New Guinea.

Offers flexible jobs for women with children, addresses the absence of food security, and creates social awareness in Guadelajara, Mexico.

An educational video for children with autism.

Supports and empowers deaf children and youth around the world since 2011.

A platform for people to share their experiences through storytelling and connect with people around university campuses.