Global SIC - Information for Students

Global Social Innovation Challenge (Global SIC) 2018

Powered by the Center for Peace and Commerce at the University of San Diego

  • 1. What is the Global Social Innovation Challenge (Global SIC)?
  • 2. Who runs the Global SIC?
  • 3. How does the Center for Peace & Commerce define social innovation?
  • 4. Do I get to choose an issue to address or do I have to select from a predefined list of issues?
  • 5. What is an appropriate scope for my topic?
  • 6. What are the key dates for the competition?
  • 7. What are the judging criteria?
  • 8. What are the prizes?
  • 9. Who is eligible to participate?
  • 10. I am not a student at one of the participating institutions. Can I still participate?
  • 11. What are the team size requirements?
  • 12. How about teams made up of members from multiple participating institutes?
  • 13. Can I participate in multiple teams?
  • 14. Does the participation in Global SIC count for university credit?
  • 15. Can I reuse work I have already submitted for a course, or work that I have presented/published elsewhere, or work that I have done / am doing jointly with others who are not on my Global SIC team?
  • 16. How do I cite my sources of information? Can I use external media and graphics from other reports or sources?
  • 17. Will my submission be made public?
  • 18. How much time should I budget for preparing my entry?
  • 19. What are the terms and conditions I need to agree to before submitting my entry?
  • 20. How do I enter the Global SIC?