Information for Education Institutions

Powered by the Center for Peace and Commerce at the University of San Diego

  • 1. What is the Global Social Innovation Challenge (Global SIC)?
  • 2. Who runs the Global SIC?
  • 3. Why a Global Social Innovation Challenge?
  • 4. How does the Center for Peace and Commerce define social innovation?
  • 5. What are the requirements for students’ topic selection?
  • 6. What are the key dates for the competition?
  • 7. What are the judging criteria?
  • 8. What are the prizes?
  • 9. Who is eligible to participate?
  • 10. What are the team size requirements?
  • 11. How about teams made up of members from multiple participating institutions?
  • 12. How much time should the students budget for preparing their entry?
  • 13. What material and guidance will my college / university receive from the CPC?
  • 14. What is the cost to participate?
  • 15. Should we sign up as an individual college or as an entire university?
  • 16. How do I sign up my university / College OR get more information?