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Alberto Coppel

Alberto Coppel Luken is a partner in Coppel Corporation, a department store chain in Mexico. He has worked in the company for 23 years heading store operations and holding other roles until 2005. Alberto resides in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Alberto also works at ClickBalance a SaaS-ERP cloud-based company for small and medium size business. He has furthermore been involved in other companies, such as PromoCasa, housing developer in Baja California; Hacienda del Mar Resort in Los Cabos; CrediAvance, a micro-financing enterprise;, a startup video site, etc.

Alberto lends his leadership and promotes social enterprises like Parques Alegres, an internet site to improve public parks, Paco el chato, elementary interactive school in internet, Suma, an organization to promote respect and law, Sinaloenses Ejemplares, a group that finds and recognize famous Sinaloa citizen outside the state.


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