Training Activities

Direct Service

Practicum counselors provide short-term individual counseling, group counseling, intakes, assessment, and outreach to USD students who present with a wide range of presenting concerns including adjustment disorders, mood disorders, relationship concerns, stress and anxiety concerns, developmental issues, alcohol and other drug concerns, and more. 


Practicum counselors receive three to four hours of supervision per week and are assigned to multiple supervisors.  Supervisors include licensed clinical staff and one pre-doctoral intern.  Practicum counselors will have the opportunity to change at least one of their supervisors at mid-year so as to receive a variety of supervisory training.  Practicum counselors will also attend a weekly consultation group, group supervision, and staff meetings.

Professional Development and Consultation Opportunities

The USD Wellness Area (comprised of four offices: Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, Counseling Center, Disability and Learning Difference Resource Center, and Student Health Center) works collaboratively with other Division units on campus, as well as provides consultation to various groups on campus.  In addition, trainees will also have the opportunity to interact with University administrators, faculty, staff and students in general. Practicum counselors will attend bi-weekly team meetings with the practicum coordinator.  Twice per month, a topical seminar will be offered in place of the team meeting to enhance professional skills.  Practicum counselors have the opportunity to attend any in-services or Continuing Education seminars that are offered by the USD Wellness Area.  In-services are offered once per month for the academic year and are at minimum two hours in length. 

Practicum Counselors Contract

The practicum program will consist of 25 hours per week not including any trainings that may be offered on occasion for a 10-month period.  Supervision includes two-three hours per week consisting of individual supervision with licensed staff who may be licensed less than 3 years and will include a pre-doctoral intern.  Additionally, the practicum counselors selected will have two different tracks within Student Wellness: one will include the practicum experience at USD Counseling Center (approximately 25 hours), and the other will include half of their time at the USD Center for Health and Wellness Promotion (approximately 12 hours) and the USD Disability and Learning Difference Resource Center (approximately 12 hours). The practicum counselor is expected to average 25 hours per week for 10 months (44 weeks) in order to obtain 1000 required hours by the end of the practicum year.  They must be available for 7-8 hours M/Tu/Th/F during business hours (8am-5pm), and hours may also be available on Wednesdays.  We expect the practicum year to begin August and to end in June.

Activity Number of Hours Per Week
USD Counseling Center (CC): ~25 hours
Videotaped Individual Counseling (not including cancellations, etc.) 12
Individual Supervision by Licensed Ph.D. 2
Individual Supervision by APA Pre-doctoral Intern 2
Paperwork/Administration Time 6
Group Supervision 2
USD Center for Health and Wellness Promotion (CHWP): ~12 hours
Providing Peer Group Supervision 2
Mandated AODS Assessments 2
Psycho-Educational Group 3
Individual/Group Supervision 2
Outreach Prevention 1
Paperwork/Administration Time 2
USD Disability and Learning Difference Resource Center  (DLDRC): ~12 hours
Disability Assessment and Screening 5
Disability Case Management (Coaching Model) 4
Individual Supervision 1
Staff Meeting/Group Supervision 1
Paperwork/Administrative Time 1
Team Meetings to discuss overall Wellness practicum 1
Seminars, Workshops, etc. Twice a month with optional additional monthly inservices