Core Curriculum

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CITCC Task Force

In April, 2012, the Core Planning Committee advanced a proposal that included a set of principles and recommendations that was accepted by the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business Administration, and the University Senate. The proposal recommended that “an independent committee be formed and tasked with considering how the core will express USD’s institutional Catholic identity, ensure engagement with the Catholic Intellectual Tradition (CIT) in its manifold expressions, both historical and contemporary, and advance the dialogue between faith and reason.”

In response to the Core Planning Committee's recommendation, Provost Julie Sullivan formed a task force of faculty members to investigate the "Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Core Curriculum" that began its work in September, 2012. Specifically, the charges to this committee included the following:

  • Develop and articulate a set of general principles to guide the design of USD’s core curriculum to ensure that it reflects the Catholic intellectual tradition.
  • Provide a brief rationale explaining why each articulated principle is an important component of the manifestation of the Catholic intellectual tradition in USD’s core curriculum.
  • Provide concrete examples with learning outcomes of how each principle could be implemented into the design of the core curriculum.

Provost Sullivan appointed Professors Mary Hotz and Tammy Dwyer as the Catholic Intellectual Tradition Core Committee (CITCC) co-chairs and Professors Tom Barton, Tom Dalton, Del Dickson, Florence Gilman, Susan Lord, Kristin Moran, Clara Oberle, and Lori Watson as committee members.

This work was targeted for completion by November 1, 2012. The CITCC completed their report as charged and presented it to the CPC.